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About Us

For those of you who were fortunate enough to know Breanne, you know that giving to others was a pure and selfless act for her. For those that didn’t, we hope the words written will help you with a sense of who she was. Words alone are not quite enough – she was a person that was “felt” and not just witnessed.

She inspired everyone with her love of life, laughter and gift of always wanting to help someone else. She sang from her soul, laughed from her heart and danced her way through life – her days were spent living as much as she could cram into every minute. There was nothing she wouldn’t try or go after.

Breanne had a beautiful and open soul, was sincere in her words, and yet had a competitive spirit. There were no “failures”, only temporary obstacles - and she never backed down from a challenge.

She was always committed to her family and friends…and if you were feeling down, she was there to try to bring you back up again.

Breanne enjoyed dance, singing, competitive cheerleading, softball, surfing, jogging at Mt. Trashmore and lifeguarding. She had just recently fallen in love with snowboarding (when she wasn’t falling off of the lift)….She also loved exercising at the gym, only to go get a big ice cream cone afterwards!

She wanted to make it big in California as a singer, she wanted to be an inventor, and she wanted to be a doctor and go to underprivileged countries and help those less fortunate. She always had something brewing in her, and was never at a loss for ideas. One of her big disappointments was to find out that she couldn’t be a fighter pilot because she was 4 inches too short. So her alternate plan was to run her own airline.

She was inspiring and inspired the best in those around her…exuberant, a young woman of deep faith and she always paid forward. Her big heart and smile would reel you in…she made friends easily and had a huge impact on the lives that she touched…and she touched many because she only had to spend a minute with you and it was if she had always known you.

Oh, she loved to eat – she would always manage to have an appetite for the most expensive thing on a menu…and loved to shop…she had more shoes than she could ever wear, and somehow always needed new clothes before she had worn the others she had bought…

Her aspirations were not to be rich monetarily – but to be rich in giving to others.
Her interests for support were many – she wanted to go to Africa the summer of 2009 to assist with medicine distribution and job training through the International Student Volunteers organization. She was passionate about those with disabilities or health crises and wanted to find a way to offer assistance where needed.

She truly gave the best of herself to those around her….and would do her best to help you be the best you could be as well.
With that in mind, as a shining Kellam Knight and proud Hokie, the first way we felt appropriate to honor Breanne was to be able to assist those who will be following in her footsteps and moving towards the dreams that she had for her life.